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Press Release
August 1, 2011
For Immediate Release


Grace B. Parsons 
Deputy District Attorney 
(909) 891-3584



SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – On Friday, July 29, 2011, San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael A. Ramos, along with Rialto Police Captain Tony Farrar, announced the filing of a lawsuit seeking a gang injunction in the City of Rialto against the criminal street gang "Hustla Squad Clicc."

Dubbed "Operation Hush-A-Squad," the first phase of the operation consisted of the preliminary service of the gang injunction. A total of 25 preliminary gang injunctions were served.

The second phase of the operation was a zero tolerance proactive patrol of the high crime and gang areas in the City of Rialto that included over 130 law enforcement officers from various law enforcement agencies throughout San Bernardino County. In addition, several parole and probation checks were conducted.

The operation totals were: 89 arrests for various misdemeanor and felony crimes; 3 firearms seized; and a substantial amount of marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine were recovered.

A gang injunction against the Hustla Squad Clicc would restrict certain activities of the gang, and subject its members to arrest if they engage in certain conduct, within an area called the Safety Zone (see attached map). The purpose of the injunction is to greatly reduce the gang’s criminal activity and reclaim the Safety Zone and the surrounding area for the peaceful enjoyment of the residents who live there.

The injunction would serve to disrupt the gang's activities and make it harder for them to intimidate community members by prohibiting the gang’s members from congregating and San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office 303 West 3rd Street, 6th Floor San Bernardino, CA 92415

loitering in the Safety Zone. They would also be prohibited from displaying the gang’s name, signs, or symbols to commit or promote any criminal or public nuisance act.

The Safety Zone is just over four square miles, and is bounded by sections of Merrill Avenue, Sycamore Avenue, Cactus Avenue, Rialto Avenue, Maple Avenue, Etiwanda Avenue, and Easton Street. The Hustla Squad Clicc is a violent criminal street gang that has existed since 2005. The gang predominately consists of black males who range in age from 18 to 21. Only a few females are in the street gang.

The gang formed when members of two then-opposed Blood and Crip gangs residing in two adjacent Rialto apartment complexes (located on North Beechwood Avenue and North Glenwood Avenue) decided to unite instead for common purposes. Those purposes have included: gaining strength in numbers against other rival gangs for the control of narcotics sales, territory, and the use and acquisition of firearms; instilling fear within and intimidating victims and witnesses of their criminal and nuisance acts; and "hustling money" together through committing theft crimes intended to yield cash and firearms. The members of the newly-formed gang called their new gang the Hustla Squad Clicc.

The Hustla Squad Clicc’s primary criminal activities have been committing robberies (including armed robberies), burglaries, grand thefts, firearms thefts, and controlled substances offenses. Firearm use is rampant among the gang. This year, one Hustla Squad Clicc member was convicted of a murder and an attempted murder following his brazen daytime shooting of two gang rivals as those men approached a group of the Hustla Squad Clicc in a public strip mall.

"For nearly six years, the people of Rialto and the surrounding communities have had to suffer numerous crimes at the hands of a criminal gang known as the Hustla Squad Clicc," said District Attorney Michael A. Ramos. "We look forward to working with the Rialto Police Department in ending this gang’s criminal activity and making it possible for the members of this community to live their lives free of fear and violence."

Captain Tony Farrar of the Rialto Police Department added: "In 2008, the Rialto Police Department and the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office took a stand against gang violence by implementing the department’s first gang injunction. Today, we are once again working together and sending the same message: gang violence will not be tolerated in this community. On behalf of the City of Rialto, I would like to thank District Attorney Mike Ramos, his staff, and the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office for helping us make Rialto a safer community."




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It is the mission of the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office to represent the interests of the people in the criminal justice system, as mandated by California State law. The San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office serves the residents of San Bernardino County by: seeking the truth, protecting the innocent; holding the guilty accountable; preserving the dignity of victims and their families; and, ensuring that justice is done while always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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