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Date:  April 21, 2014


District Attorney Ramos Releases Statement on Governor Brown’s Decision to Overturn Parole Board Hearing for Convicted Murderer

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – District Attorney Mike Ramos applauded Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent decision to overturn the state parole board ruling that would have granted the release of a convicted murderer who killed his wife in 1985.

Despite objections by prosecutors from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, 71-year-old Samuel Dubyak was deemed suitable for parole. However, the decision was overturned April 4, 2014, by Gov. Brown.

“I am grateful that Governor Brown allowed me the opportunity to recently meet with him and discuss this horrific case on behalf of the victim and her family,” District Attorney Mike Ramos said. “This was a brutal murder that left one young girl without a mother and a family that continues to mourn the fact that they have never been able to properly bury the body of their loved one. Mr. Dubyak, to this day, shows no remorse for his actions, nor has he revealed the location of the body. He has consistently refused to acknowledge that he even committed the murder or address the underlying domestic violence issues while in prison.”

Dubyak, 71, is currently being held at Soledad State Prison in California. He was sentenced to 27 years to life in state prison after being convicted of first degree murder. This case was originally prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Bob Guzzino.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Gary Fagan, who oversees the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Lifer Parole Unit, appeared at both parole hearings to oppose Dubyak’s release in Sept. and Dec. of  2013.

Statement of Facts

Lourdes Dubyak disappeared in Aug. 1985. On Aug. 27, 1985, Lourdes Dubyak’s brother reported that Lourdes’s family had not heard from her since Aug. 11, 1985. Lourdes was last seen on Aug. 11, 1985 and no credit card charges or checking account activity was attributed to her after that date.

Lourdes and her husband, Samuel Dubyak, had marital problems and were sleeping in separate bedrooms at the time of her disappearance. Lourdes had discussed her desire to divorce Samuel with her brother around the time of her disappearance.

Mr. Dubyak told police that on the night he last saw her, Lourdes had dropped their child off in his room and said she had to go out for a while. He said that when he woke in the morning she, and the bed she slept in, were gone. The subsequent investigation revealed that on Aug. 16, 1985, Mr. Dubyak, his brother, and a 13-year-old juvenile loaded Lourdes’s bed into a truck and dumped it in a nearby flood control channel.

The bed had a bullet hole through the mattress and box springs and a .22 caliber bullet had lodged in the box springs. Two holes had been cut in the foam part of the mattress. Traces of blood were located in the room where Lourdes previously slept and a trail of blood was found in the hallway leading from the room to the garage.

The presence of blood was also located in the rear hatchback of a vehicle belonging to Mr. Dubyak. Several hundred rounds of .22 caliber ammunition were found in the residence. During the investigation, Mr. Dubyak began showing his neighbors a typewritten letter, postmarked from Mexico City, with what appeared to be Lourdes’s signature on it. He informed Lourdes’s brother and aunt of the letter. Mr. Dubyak had been vacationing in Mexico City shortly before he received the letter.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation agent testified that the signature had been traced from another signature. The Chief of the Chino Police Department wrote that he was “particularly struck” by the investigating detective’s summary of his interview with Lourdes’s and Mr. Dubyak’s three-year old daughter, which said: “The child said her mommy had gone away forever, over the mountains, because she didn’t love her. The little girl said that her mother was wrapped in a blanket asleep and taken in the back of a green pick-up truck.” Lourdes’s body has never been found.


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