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Date:  June 25, 2015

Montclair man sentenced to 145 years to life in state prison for lewd acts with a child

Jorge Gutierrez Jr. (Booking Photo)

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Jorge Gutierrez Jr., 24, of Montclair, was sentenced Tuesday to 145 years to life in state prison for molesting two young brothers over a period of five years.

Judge Stanford E. Reichert imposed the maximum possible sentence on Gutierrez, who was convicted by a jury last month of four counts of sodomy with a child aged 10 or under and three counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14.

The boys were molested at their Montclair home while Gutierrez lived with the family and when he came home on leave from the Air Force. Gutierrez was in the Air Force Reserves when he was arrested in March 2013.

The brothers, now ages 13 and 15, were between the ages of 7 and 10 when they were molested. At the sentencing hearing, the victims, their elder brother, and both their parents made victim impact statements.

“I’m happy that this is all going to be over with,” said the younger victim. “I’m excited to finally move on with my life and be a normal teenager. I used to have really bad nightmares. I used to dream Jorge got out of jail and came to hurt me again. I hope I never have those nightmares, but even if I do I know he can’t get out and he will never hurt me again.”

Said the older victim: “I hope what he did to us, eats him alive. I’ve never felt so much hate towards a person but I remind myself that Jorge Gutierrez is not a person and he is the devil. I have to admit I felt bad for him at first but seeing how he had no emotions during trial and how hard he has tried to convince everyone that he is innocent made my sorrow turn into anger.”

Their 19-year-old brother, who had originally befriended the defendant, told the court, “I cannot even imagine the pain he has done to my brothers both physically and emotionally and it aches my heart every time I try. They were only kids when this all happened, and even now they may put on this big kid front, but they are still babies and it only makes things hurt that much more. What he did to us was worse than what a murderer can do.”

The victims’ mother told the court, “Jorge Gutierrez disguised himself very well; he convinced me all he wanted was a family to love him and accept him. He wasn’t looking for a family to love, he was looking for a family to victimize. I will forever feel guilty for leaving my kids in the hands of this devil, for being so naïve and thinking with my heart and not my head.”

“I ask with all my heart that Jorge Gutierrez is sentenced to the maximum penalty possible and that my family and I can begin to heal knowing that we did the right thing by allowing justice to be served,” said the victims’ father. “I ask that Jorge Gutierrez may never have an opportunity to hurt anyone else ever again, that Jorge Gutierrez pays the price for what he did to my children.”

Deputy District Attorney Karen Schmauss, who prosecuted the case, played for the court a jail call where the defendant called the victims “stupid little (expletives)” and another where he described a scheme to avoid paying court-ordered restitution to the victims. She characterized the defendant as a sociopath who exhibited absolutely no remorse or concern for his victims.

The defendant did not address the court. He told the probation officer who wrote the presentence report, “My life is over.” He said there is not much else to say, and denied committing the offenses.

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