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Man sentenced to prison for raping his girlfriend

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.  A Colton man who raped and beat his girlfriend has been sentenced to 9 years and four months in state prison.

Jeremy Allen, 31, was convicted in Dec. 2017 of one count of Domestic Violence and one count of Forcible Rape.

Allen and the victim had been dating for approximately three years when the incident occurred in Aug. 2017. There were several prior incidents of domestic violence during their relationship. Allen and the victim drove in his Jeep to the area of Lytle Creek just off Interstate 15 in Fontana.

According to Deputy District Attorney Lisa Mann, who prosecuted the case, since the defendant was homeless, they would sometimes hang out in that area and sleep in his car.

“While they were seated in the Jeep, the defendant started getting angry at the victim for no apparent reason and then slapped her in the face three times,” Mann said. “He then ordered her into the back of the Jeep, threatening to harm her if she didn’t do what he said. The victim complied because she was scared of him and had nowhere to go.”

After being sexually assaulted, the victim was able to secretly call 911 at which time a Fontana Police helicopter and patrol units were able to locate the vehicle and rescue the victim.

Prior to the sentencing, Victim Advocate Kesica Middleton read a victim impact statement on behalf of the victim in this case (excerpted):

“Yes, all my bruises will heal, the bloody noses have stopped bleeding. The bloody lip from when he bit me, yes, bit me, has healed. My eyes have healed. My eyes were sore and red.   I couldn't stand to see light for a week. Why, because he hit me in my eyes and then poured hot sauce in my eyes. … I still must live with this today. I find myself looking over my shoulder, that fear is still instilled in me.”

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