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Prom Season puts the Spotlight on Underage Drinking and Driving

For seniors in high school, mid-April typically starts the prom, graduation and summer party mode.  Seniors look forward to this time of celebration as they prepare to depart school and look forward to new adventures.  Unfortunately, these happy occasions sometimes involve underage drinking which can result in tragedy.

Alcohol-fueled motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death among 18 – 24 year olds.  In San Bernardino County, 190 young people less than 21 years of age who had been drinking were in alcohol involved motor vehicle fatalities and injuries in 2010.  The months of April, May and June often sees an increase in these numbers.  

The DUI Court in School Project is designed to provide a lesson to young people about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol while experiencing the judicial process of a DUI criminal sentencing based on an actual case.

The DUI Court in School Project is an innovative strategy for helping to prevent underage drinking and driving and to save lives.  This project brings to the school campus auditorium a DUI criminal sentencing proceeding based on an actual case to help students understand the legal consequences and personal loss to the victims and their families when a DUI is committed.  This message takes place before prom and graduation and hopefully it will resonate with the students and their parents.

The DUI Court in School is a program of the San Bernardino County Department Public Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program.



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It is the mission of the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office to represent the interests of the people in the criminal justice system, as mandated by California State law. The San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office serves the residents of San Bernardino County by: seeking the truth, protecting the innocent; holding the guilty accountable; preserving the dignity of victims and their families; and, ensuring that justice is done while always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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