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Elder/Dependent Adult Physical Abuse

Signs of Abuse

Physical Abuse     

Unexplained bruises, welts, black eyes, wounds, or fractures     

Multiple injuries in various stages of healing     

Sudden changes in behavior (adult is fearful or depressed or engages in self-destructive behavior)     

The caregiver refuses to allow visitors  

Person is in restraints or locked in a room     

Missing patches of hair or hemorrhaging below the scalp     

Client reports abuse 


Mental Abuse     

Person is emotionally upset, agitated, withdrawn, non-communicative, depressed, or non-responsive     

Caregiver refuses to allow visitors or does not let the person participate in family or community events     

Client reports abuse 


Sexual Abuse     

Bruising around breasts and/or genital area     

An unexplained venereal disease     

Soiled underclothes or bedding     

Sudden changes in behavior


Abandonment is leaving the vulnerable adult without means of caring for her or himself.

Signs of Abandonment

  • Adult is deserted in a public place or in his or her own home
  • The adult reports being abandoned


Neglect is the failure of someone to safely care for a vulnerable elderly or disabled person to maintain their health and safety.  Self-neglect is the failure of the vulnerable person to maintain his or her own health and safety.

Signs of Neglect and Self-Neglect & False Imprisonment

  • Dehydration 
  • Malnutrition 
  • Untreated injuries, or unattended health problems, including poor dental health 
  • Person appears unclean and/or poorly groomed 
  • Person lying in feces or urine, or a strong odor of feces or urine 
  • Death of a person with indications of poor care 
  • Unsafe living conditions 
  • A competent person restrained by force or fear

Financial Exploitation

Financial Exploitation occurs when someone takes financial advantage of a vulnerable elderly or disabled person.

Signs of Financial Exploitation

  • Sudden transfer of assets (money) 
  • Disappearance of possessions 
  • Unexplained or unusual use of bank cards 
  • Unpaid bills 
  • Forged signature on checks 
  • Misuse of electronic benefits transfer card 
  • Adult is forced to sign a legal document


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