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High Profile Gang Convictions
Kenley Davis - Booking Photo
Kenley Davis

DEFENDANT: Kenley Davis

SUMMARY: Kenley Davis was at a house party in Fontana with his fellow gang members. While at the party, the victim, Chris “Cornbread” Jackson (who was not gang affiliated), advised Davis that it was not a “gang party” and that he could go elsewhere if he wanted to “gang bang.” Chris turned away, and Kenley Davis pulled out a gun and shot Chris in the head. Hundreds of party-goers were there, but only two stayed behind to talk to police. The inconsistencies were vivid, but we still had three witnesses who claimed that Davis was the shooter and the jury had no problem convicting. Davis was a fugitive for a few days but was then spotted driving out of Riverside. An extremely dangerous and lengthy high speed pursuit emerged which went from Riverside into Rialto. Numerous stops signs and stop lights were blown, and speeds were in excess of 130 mph at points, with some of the high speeds in residential neighborhoods. Davis abandoned his car and holed up in a relative’s home. A several hour stand-off with a SWAT team emerged. Davis finally surrendered.

CONVICTED: First-degree murder, use of gun resulting in death, and felony evading.

SENTENCED: 80 years to life in state prison

Armando Fonseca - Booking Photo
Armando Fonseca

DEFENDANT: Armando Fonseca

SUMMARY: Fonseca participated in the killing of a young man who had testified against his fellow gang member. In the course of killing the victim, he also killed the victim’s father and shot, but did not kill a one-week-old baby.

CONVICTED: The defendant was convicted of two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

SENTENCED: He is currently awaiting sentencing.

Joshua Martinez - Booking Photo
Joshua Martinez
DEFENDANT: Joshua Martinez

SUMMARY: The victim in this murder case had agreed to provide the defendant, Joshua Martinez, with a vehicle in exchange of narcotics, claiming that he had the title to the vehicle. When the defendant learned that the victim did not have the title, he shot him four times, killing him. There was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

CONVICTED: Martinez was convicted of murder and witness intimidation with gun and gang allegations.

He was sentenced to 61 years to life.

Michael Degraw - Booking Photo
Michael Degraw

Shaun Thomas - Booking Photo
Shaun Thomas

Jenna Degraw - Booking Photo
Jenna Degraw

DEFENDANTS: Michael Degraw, Jenna Degraw, and Shaun Thomas

SUMMARY: On March 12, 2011, Michael Degraw, Shaun Thomas and Jenna Degraw, all members of the criminal street gang East Side Victoria, kidnapped Randy Pena (also a member of East Side Victoria) and shot him multiple times while driving around the city of Victorville.  At the time of the crime, investigators did not have any leads on the suspects.  However, two months later, investigators learned that the defendants were responsible for the crime.  The District Attorney’s office filed charges and warrants were issued for the three defendants.

CONVICTED: All three defendants were convicted of Murder. Michael Degraw and Shawn Thomas were convicted of Kidnapping, Street Terrorism, Assault with a Firearm and Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. All gang and firearm allegations were found true for both Michael Degraw and Thomas.

SENTENCED: Michael Degraw is currently pending sentencing and facing life in prison.   Shaun Thomas was sentenced to 69 years to life in state prison.  Jenna Degraw was sentenced to 19 years in state prison.

Jose Perez - Booking Photo
Jose Perez

Eduardo Alvarado - Booking Photo
Eduardo Alvarado

Edgar Navarro - Booking Photo
Edgar Navarro

Pabloa Sandoval - Booking Photo
Pablo Sandoval

DEFENDANTS: Jose Perez, Eduardo Alvarado, Cesar Rodriguez, Edgar Navarro and Pablo Sandoval

SUMMARY: It is a multiple defendant murder case involving members of the Sinaloa drug cartel who kidnapped and held for ransom three victims. The motivation for the crime was that the suspects had lost a 13 pound load of drugs and were required to pay for it. The victims’ side of the cartel began making threats to them. The 6 suspects then kidnap these three in order to get their drugs and money in order to pay their debt and to take care of the threats. The victims were held bound with zip ties in an apartment in South Gate for more than one day. The victims were then transported to Victorville in a truck (while bound) to a remote area where they were executed where they sat in the truck.  The suspects then fled back to South Gate. One victim amazingly survived and alerted authorities once he was observed by a passersby wandering, covered in blood.

Investigation led back to South Gate and resulted in the discovery of the suspects.

CONVICTED: Charges include Murder, Kidnapping for Ransom and Street Terrorism.

SENTENCED: All defendants were sentenced to life in state prison without the possibility of parole.

Bryan Hill - Booking Photo
Bryan Hill


In early 2012, Bryan Hill, a juvenile living in the San Bernardino area, wanted to put in work in order to become a member of the Little Zion criminal street gang, a clique of the Macon/Davis Mafia, based in the Zion Manor Apartment Complex.  Bryan Hill had the idea of robbing his father, a gang member and marijuana dealer living in Victorville with his wife and their four children.  Bryan Hill shared his idea with several members and associates of the Little Zion criminal street gang telling them they could get multiple pounds of marijuana, guns and several thousands of dollars as a result of the robbery.  Hill, four other young members/associates of Little Zion and an older member of the Macon/Davis Mafia drove to Victorville armed with several guns.  Once at the residence of Hill’s father, the group forced their way into the home, held the stepmother at gunpoint and proceeded to take fourteen pounds of marijuana and $4,000 from the residence.  Five of the perpetrators were caught shortly after the crime with the arrest of the driver occurring some time later as he fled before the others exited the house and was only identified by the statements of two of the coconspirators.

CONVICTED: Bryan Hill was convicted as charged, including home invasion robbery in concert with gang enhancements. 

SENTENCED: He was sentenced to 13 years and 8 months in state prison.

Raymond Cordova - Booking Photo
Raymond Cordova

DEFENDANT: Raymond Cordova

SUMMARY: On March 25, 2011, in the course of an unrelated call, officers came across the victim, who had been shot several times. He told the officers that “He shot me, Sleepy shot me.” Investigation led to the defendant, Raymond Cordova who goes by the moniker of “Sleepy.”  A search warrant turned up a .45 caliber firearm at the defendant’s home.  Through a ruse that the ballistics of the .45 matched the slugs taken from the victim the defendant confessed to shooting the victim because the victim threatened the defendant’s girlfriend.

CONVICTED: The defendant was convicted of murder.

SENTENCED: Cordova was sentenced to 34 years-to-life in state prison.

Dewayne Scott Jr.  - Booking Photo
Dewayne Scott, Jr.

Tyrell Thomas - Booking Photo
Tyrell Thomas

DEFENDANTS: Dewayne Scott, Jr. and Tyrell Thomas

SUMMARY: Dewayne “Anxious” Scott, a Pomona 357 Crip, got into a fight with a Rollin’ 60’s Crip who went by the moniker “TB.” Scott’s co-defendant pulled a gun and fired a round into the ground, breaking up the fight that, according to Scott, he was winning.  Another Pomona 357 member took TB’s car and parked it down the street. TB came back to the location looking for his car with a couple of friends; he and another were now armed.  Scott and his co-defendant ran out of the apartment and hid around a corner.  Scott grabbed his co-defendant’s gun and when the opportunity presented itself, opened fire.  The unarmed companion of TB was hit in the spinal cord and died within moments of being struck.

CONVICTED: Both defendants were convicted of murder.

SENTENCED: Scott was sentenced to 25 years and 4 months in state prison and Thomas was sentenced to 11 years in state prison.

Jessie Gomez - Booking Photo
Jessie Gomez

DEFENDANT: Jessie Gomez

SUMMARY: Jessie “Krazyloco” Gomez, a gang member out of Los Angeles from the gang Killing Mob, was hanging outside an apartment complex where the victim lived.   Gomez asked to use the victim’s cell phone, who lent him his phone.  A couple hours later Gomez and the victim ran into each other again.  The defendant again asked to use his phone which the victim did so again.  When the victim asked for his phone back, Gomez replied, “Go, I’m the devil. I’m your worst nightmare.”  The defendant began to convulse and roll his eyes into the back of his head. The defendant then began a countdown from five. The victim fled.  Gomez was found a short time later with the victim’s phone. 

CONVICTED: Gomez was found guilty as charged of Second Degree Robbery and prior convictions.

SENTENCED: He was sentenced to 11 years in state prison.

Isaac Brass - Booking Photo
Isaac Brass

DEFENDANT: Isaac Brass

SUMMARY: Brass feels disrespected because the victim has been talking to his ex-girlfriend. The defendant confronts the victim as he is walking down the street. The victim knows defendant to be a gang member from prior contacts. Brass produces a gun and tells the victim to stop talking to his ex-girlfriend or else he will kill him. He then fires one round towards the victim’s head, missing him while shouting his gang’s name.

CONVICTED: Brass was convicted of attempted murder with gang and gun allegations.

SENTENCED: He is facing 40 years in state prison when sentenced.

Ronald Hampton - Booking Photo
Ronald Hampton

DEFENDANT: Ronald Hampton

SUMMARY: In a case of a gang member feeling “disrespected,” Hampton sees his intended target walking down the street. As the defendant drives by he decides to turn around, find the victim and shoot him. Unfortunately, he misses his intended victim and strikes the victim’s companion. The actual shooting victim had identified defendant and stated that the defendant had apologized for shooting him explaining that he intended to shoot the other guy.

CONVICTED: Hampton was convicted of attempted murder with gun and gang allegations found true.

SENTENCED: He was sentenced to 40 years to life in state prison.

John Atlas - Booking Photo
John Atlas


SUMMARY: Atlas, who is not documented as a gang member, but who is known to hang out with gang members, is present when a gang member is being arrested for auto theft. When the victims arrive to reclaim their vehicle, Atlas repeatedly tells them “Don’t go to court.” He also threatens to burn their house down.

CONVICTED: Atlas was convicted of two counts of witness intimidation with gang allegation.

SENTENCED: He is facing life in prison when sentenced.

Esequiel Cisneros - Booking Photo
Esequiel Cisneros

DEFENDANT: Esequiel Cisneros

SUMMARY: Three victims are confronted by a gang member who asks them “Where you from?” When all three deny gang membership, Cisneros produces a gun and shoots all three, killing one.

CONVICTED: Cisneros was convicted of murder and one count of attempted murder with gun and gang allegations.

SENTENCED: He was sentenced to 82 years to life.

Marcos Alvarado - Booking Photo
Marcos Alvarado

DEFENDANT: Marcos Alvarado

SUMMARY: In this particular case the defendant evaded capture for over three years. After a night of drinking, Alvarado was asked to leave a restaurant. In a hurry to exit the parking lot, following his girlfriend hitting another car, defendant begins shooting at the victim’s car. The victim dies. His wife who was driving is struck by a bullet in the hip.

CONVICTED: The defendant was convicted of murder and attempted murder.

SENTENCED: Alvarado was sentenced to 130 years to life.

Deandre Kidd - Booking Photo
Deandre Kidd

DEFENDANT: Deandre Kidd

SUMMARY: Kidd, a known gang member, rode his bike up to two victims at night and shot them both, in a possible case of mistaken identity. One of the victims died shortly after the shooting. Despite the poor lighting, the surviving victim was able to identify defendant.

CONVICTED: Defendant was convicted of murder and attempted murder.

SENTENCED: Kidd was sentenced to state prison for 90 years to life.

Michael Rey - Booking Photo
Michael Rey

DEFENDANT: Michael Rey

SUMMARY: A police officer was pursuing Rey, when he turned and fired a round at the officer. Rey claimed the gun had accidently discharged when he threw it. The officer believed the shot barely missed him.

CONVICTED: The defendant was convicted of Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace officer with a personal gun use allegation found true.

SENTENCED: He was sentenced to 28 years in state prison.

Juan Rodriguez - Booking Photo
Juan Rodriguez

Udy Cadenas - Booking Photo
Udy Cadenas

Irvin Rodriguez - Booking Photo
Irvin Rodriguez

DEFENDANTS: Juan Rodriguez, Udy Cardenas and Irvin Rodriguez

SUMMARY: The Defendants are all members of East Side Verdugo, and each of the three crimes was committed within their gang territory. Defendant Juan Rodriguez was walking down the street holding a knife and challenged a man who was standing in his own front yard to a fight. He later placed the knife right in the face of the man’s wife, and then subsequently stabbed her elderly father, who walked out to try to calm the situation. Shortly after, Defendants Juan Rodriguez and Irvin Rodriguez used a knife to steal a bicycle from a young man. Finally, a few minutes later Juan Rodriguez, Irvin Rodriguez and Udy Cardenas jumped out of a car and started fighting with three other young men who were standing in front of their driveway. They fought with them, knocking one to the ground. In all three incidents, Juan Rodriguez yelled out “Eastside Verdugo” and “Meadowbrook.”

CONVICTED: The jury convicted Juan Rodriguez of Robbery, 2 counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Street Terrorism. Irvin Rodriguez was convicted of Robbery and Street Terrorism, Udy Cardenas was convicted of Street Terrorism. The jury found that a knife was used in the robbery, that great bodily injury was inflicted on the elderly gentleman, and gang enhancements were found true as to all counts.

SENTENCED: All defendants were sentenced to state prison: Juan Rodriguez for 43 years, Irvin Rodriguez for 27 years and Udy Cardenas for 12 years.

Gregory Flores

Shawn Reed

DEFENDANTS: Gregory Flores and Shawn Reed

SUMMARY: The victim was being taxed by a local gang member because he had borrowed money from him. When the victim was unable to pay the money back on time, the gang member sent the two defendants over to his residence to collect the money and an additional tax. When the defendants arrived at the victim's residence, Reed pulled out a razor blade and carved his initial in the victim's chest and told him that if he did not have the money the next day, he was going to finish the job. The next day, Flores and Reed returned and kidnapped the victim from in front of his residence. Fortunately, the victim was able to convince the defendants to take him to his uncle's business in San Bernardino where he was able to finally alert the police.

CONVICTED: Reed was convicted of felony False Imprisonment and Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Flores was convicted of Criminal Threats and felony False Imprisonment. Gang Enhancements were found true for both defendants.

SENTENCED: Flores, a three-striker, was sentenced to 75 years to life in state prison, and Reed was sentenced to 13 years in state prison.

Frolan Chiprez - Booking Photo
Frolan Chiprez

DEFENDANT: Frolan Chiprez

SUMMARY: The case was publicly known as the "Dead Presidents" case because it involved the murder of two chapter presidents of San Bernardino's largest criminal street gang. The underlying crime occurred on July 9, 2000, in the driveway of a Vine Street duplex in San Bernardino. Shortly after, Chiprez fled to Mexico, but was eventually captured and extradited in 2012. Two of the other defendants, Luis Mendoza and Lorenzo Arias, have already been tried and convicted. Both men were sentenced to the death penalty. A fourth defendant accepted a plea bargain before going to trial.

VERDICT: Convicted of four counts of First Degree Murder, two counts of Attempted Murder. Gun and gang allegations found true.

SENTENCE: Sentenced to four life terms without parole, plus 125 years to life and an additional 31 years.

Anthony Phillips - Booking Photo
Anthony Phillips

DEFENDANT: Anthony Phillips

SUMMARY: Phillips, a documented member of the criminal street gang known as the Delmann Heights Bloods, goes to a location known for drug sales and shootings and confronts the intoxicated victim, who is also a known gang member. The victim was selling crack cocaine and was liely armed. The two men exchange words and Phillips pulls out a firearm and shoots the victim dead in front of a crowd of people. The victim was found lying in the front yard of a home with several gunshot wounds. He later died at a hospital.

CONVICTED: Second Degree Murder and Gun Use Causing Death.

SENTENCE: 40 Years to Life in State Prison

Rodolfo Rodriguez - Booking Photo
Rodolofo Rodrgiuez

Nolan Lopez - Booking Photo
Nolan Lopez

DEFENDANTS: Rodolfo Rodriguez and Nolan Lopez

SUMMARY: In 2009, a truck driver was hauling a load from Fresno to a truck stop located in Ontario. Witnesses later observed the his truck on the I-10 freeway begin to swerve back and forth and eventually crash into a nearby embankment. Two men were seen exiting the truck and fleeing. A few moments later the driver climbed out of his truck, fell to the ground and began crawling toward the witness's vehicle. "They shot me, they robbed me," he said. The driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was found to have multiple contusions to his face and was shot three times. Defendants were later identified as members of a Bell Gardens-based gang knowns as Florencia 13.

VERDICT: Convicted of First Degree Murder; Robbery; Carjacking; Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. Gun Allegations found true.

SENTENCE: Life Without the Possibility of Parole



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