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Informational Letter Program

What is the Informational Letter Program about?

Whenever a transaction occurs relating to real property, documents may be filed and recorded with the County’s Assessor-Recorder-Clerk. This is normal. Sometimes, however, a person can wrongfully request that a document be recorded to change the status of a property without the property owner’s knowledge or approval. The property owner might become a victim of fraud.

We believe that notifying property owners of recently recorded documents is the best way to prevent them from becoming victims of fraud. To assist property owners in identifying possible fraud, Informational Letters are mailed when certain documents are recorded against their property, such as Deeds. Included with the letter are the first two pages of the document that were recorded. 

What types of real estate transactions cause an Informational Letter to be mailed?

The vast majority of documents filed and recorded with the Assessor-Recorder-Clerk are lawful. We have tried to identify the types of documents that most likely would be filed and recorded without the owner’s knowledge or consent. When those documents are recorded, Informational Letters are mailed. Again, the vast majority of these are lawfully filed and recorded.  


The types of transactions that result in recorded documents include:


Real Estate Transaction

Name of Recorded Document

Purchase or sale of a house

Grant Deed

Changing or correcting who owns the property by correcting existing owner or adding or deleting names on the property title

Grant Deed or Corrected Grant Deed

Quit Claim Deed

Interspousal Transfer Deed

Mortgage, “second mortgage” or equity line of credit

Deed of Trust

Refinance of an existing home loan

Deed of Trust

Placing a property into a trust

Deed of Trust

Beginning of a foreclosure

Notice of Default

Should I be worried because I received an Informational Letter?

If you knew about and agreed to the transaction mentioned in the Informational Letter, you do not need to take any action. The Informational Letter is a service provided by the county to keep people informed.

What if I think there is fraud?

Please call the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit at (909) 382-7700. You may also go directly to the Unit’s website to download a Complaint Form, complete it, and send it to the District Attorney’s office. Download the Complaint Form here.

Why did I get a letter if I sold the property?

The Informational Letter is sent to the person who owned the property just before the document was recorded. For example, if a house is sold, a Deed document is filed and recorded to change ownership to the buyer. The Informational Letter is then sent to the seller, who is the person that owned the property just before the Deed was recorded. If you do not have any relationship to the property, it is possible that the Informational Letter was sent to you by mistake. Please contact the Assessor-Recorder-Clerk at (909) 387-8306 to report the mistake.

The Informational Letter contains incorrect property or owner information. How do I correct it?

Please call the Assessor-Recorder-Clerk at (909) 387-8306 to find out how to make corrections. The information contained in the Informational Letter or recorded document (property owner, property address, Assessor Parcel Number, and Recorded Document number) is obtained from the records kept by the Assessor-Recorder-Clerk.

Can I get additional documents or complete copies?

The Informational Letter program only sends the first two pages of the document that was filed and recorded. You may obtain copies of documents from the Assessor-Recorder-Clerk.  Please visit their website for possible fees. Their website is



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